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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Heidi 8:02am
Okay okay!!!! Yep, the holidays are coming!! And nothing is going to stop it....There are two things that make me excited about them. One getting see all my cousins and second ALL the FOOD!
But wait... the food is going to mess up all my hard work! So here are a couple tips for you to remember when filling your plate.
1) EAT!! skipping meals because you want to save your calories/tummy space for the BIG meal will only leave you starving and you WILL consume everything in sight! But instead fill yourself up with protein and veggies during the day before the party... It will not make you crave everything.
2)LOVE! Skip the foods that you get often through out the year and choose things that you don't get very often and savor them... yum yum
3)FILL UP! Fill your plate once and don't go back... take your conversation away from the goodie table and remember there is always another party tomorrow. hehe ;)
4)DRINK UP! Skip the Fruit juices, sodas and tasty punches... Choose a wonderful glass full of water!
5)FUN! Instead of sitting around and chatting. Get a game of charades going, or if you can get outdoors take a walk with a friend/cousin. You could also start a game of kick balls with the kids or find a great sledding hill. Its more work but so rewarding!!
6)MOVE!! Becca and I will not go on holiday break!! We will be here for you... Class will not be cancelled and we will help keep you moving!!
7)ENJOY!! Don't let the FOOD control you!! Just make smart choices! In true coach style...'YOU GOT THIS'

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Becca 12:43pm
Heidi and I did the Bod Pod this week-- this machine calculates your body composition (lean body mass and body fat). It is much more helpful than the number on the scale. Please contact Sherry Barkly (605) 274-4312 at Augustana if you are interested in getting this done. The cost is $30- she accepts cash or check.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Becca 2:02pm
For those of you who are new to BBC or for those of you are curious where we come up with all this stuff, we are both Certified CrossFit Trainers and follow much of its' methodology. Here is a great link to gather info/FAQs on some of the basics.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Becca 7:19pm
Rest days are just as important as workout days. Your body needs the time to recover-- drink plenty of water, have some starchy vegetables, and up the amount of protein you consume to help your muscles heal.

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