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This page will feature an athlete at Bixler Boot Camp. Each month a survey is sent out to a designated athlete in the hopes that we can learn a little bit more about each other and continue to build the relationships in our fitness community!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Friday, April 07, 2017

Becca 7:38pm
Tell us a little about yourself and life before BBC.
I was born and raised in Inwood, left for college and came back and bought a house last year. I work for the City of Canton as their administrative assistant and have a part-time job as a sales rep for Faini Designs Jewelry Studio. I recently got engaged and am planning a wedding for next August. Before BBC I had dabbled in a few different programs but never stuck to anything. I didn’t eat very well – pretty much whatever was in front of me.  I finally decided I was done with feeling the way I did and joined BBC. It has been the best decision I’ve made!
First WOD and when did you start BBC.
I started BBC for the first time in June 2015, but wasn’t fully committed.  I came back in November 2015 with goals to 100% commit myself to becoming healthier.  My first WOD was something to do with lunges, I remember not being able to walk normal the next day.

My thoughts during the first month of training?
I’ve officially gone crazy, I’m waking up at the butt crack of dawn to go make my body hurt. The feeling after a workout is so worth it though!  I was also really amazed at what my body could do when I pushed myself.
My biggest accomplishment so far?
So far my biggest accomplishment is cutting almost a whole minute off of my mile time and not feeling completely winded after going up stairs  
Favorite WOD?
Anything with weights paired with running.
Short and long term Goals?
Short term goal for me right now is to get an unassisted pull up and be able to do more push-ups in a row.   Long term goal is to complete more of the workouts RX’d and to become more of a long-distance runner.
Advice for someone just starting out?
Don’t give up, you will be amazed by what your body can actually do.
How has BBC changed my level of fitness and life style?
I am much more active now that I have ever been. I am more conscious of the decisions of what I’m putting into my body.  BBC has given me confidence to do things (and wear things) that I never would have done before.
Favorite movement? Least favorite movement?
Favorites of mine include the push or bench press, KB swings and handstand pushups.  I really don’t care for wall balls, thrusters or sumo deadlifts.

My profession? How has BBC improved your ability to do your job?
My full-time job is very sedentary – I find myself now making an effort to get up and move around more and also drinking more water during the day.
Fun Fact?
I enjoy going to country music concerts, dancing, Netflix and Coors Light.

Becca 7:39pm

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Becca 8:03pm

Becca 8:03pm
#1  Been Married to my high school sweetheart Mike for just about 30 years!
We have 3 great kids-Al & his wife Alyssa live near Tyler MN and they have a cute busy little 1 year old son Ely-who is our 1st Grandchild Our daughter Erika lives in Rock Valley and our youngest son Jake is attending the University of Iowa. So we are now officially “empty nesters”   We also have 3 grand “dogs” Lily, Leonard and Koda.
I am the office manager for Farm Country Trader/CarTruckTrader in Inwood.
Before BBC –I would walk on the treadmill or on the gravel roads-but that was pretty much it for exercise. I had no idea what a burpee was and was not impressed at all when we had to do 20 or more in a workout.

I started BBC January 2016 not sure what the 1st workout was-but I dang near died.

At first I was nervous and had no idea what I was doing-but every time it kept getting better. Everyone was so supportive and would laugh right along with me when I had no idea what I was doing.

Completing the 1 mile run without stopping! I had never “jogged” a mile EVER so that was a huge accomplishment. I have also lost  25+ pounds since joining BBC  : )

#5 Favorite workouts are when we do a variety of stations for 1 minute at a time. Although sometimes I think Becca makes the minutes a lot longer than a minute!

Short & Long Term Goals are the same: Continue with bootcamp and keep a good attitude about exercise and eating better

Come and give it a try! I was so scared and really had no idea what I was doing-but Becca can adjust the workouts to work for you!  

I am stronger and healthier –and feel better too.

Favorite: Kettle Bell Swings
Least: burpees, walking lunges & jumping rope  (I guess that's 3)

I have more energy and enjoy my walk to the Post Office each day to get the mail.

I enjoy cooking, shopping and spending time with family & friends. Mike and I would still say our favorite date night would be cruising gravels in the jeep.  : )

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Becca 7:42pm

Becca 7:42pm
Tell us a little about yourself and life before BBC.

Let see, I have been married to my wonderful husband, Ethan for 8 years now. We have 4 great kids,

Bryce, Thomas, Luke, and Addison and we have owned our own business for almost 3 years now. I get

to stay at home with the kids and do the books for the business so I stay pretty busy throughout the

days. Before I started BBC, I considered myself to be a fairly fit person, I learned to enjoy running and

walking with the kids, which I did often. I love to cook, and one of my favorite places to be is in my

garden, which I am very proud of.

First WOD and when did you start BBC.

My very first WOD was in August of 2015, and I’m not sure what it was, but I know I didn’t come back

for a couple months – I was so sore and didn’t feel comfortable at all in the weight room, so I didn’t go

back! Aletha talked me back into giving it a try in October of 2015, and I think we did the Bear

Complex – again sore for days!

My thoughts during the first month of training?

I really didn’t not enjoy the first few weeks of Boot Camp. It was only because Aletha enjoyed it and

wanted me to stick it out with her that I stayed. I felt uncomfortable and uncorrdinated, and had no

clue as to what I was doing. I was sore all the time and couldn’t understand why I kept going back.

My biggest accomplishment so far?

That I stayed with BBC!! I couldn’t imagine not being a part of it now. I have confidence doing work

outs and encouraging others in doing them as well. Also that I was able to run a mile in under 7:30

minutes, I would have never dreamed of being able to do that before boot camp.

Favorite WOD?

I like all the WODs that are short and intense! Especially those that are cardio packed!! Those would

be my favorite!

Short and long term Goals?

Short term goal, be able to do a pull-up with no band! I am continually trying to get that

accomplished! Long term goal, to continue with BBC and maintaining a constant healthier lifestyle.

Advice for someone just starting out?

Hang in there, we all started once and, no matter how uncomfortable or sore you may feel, we have

all been there. The BBC athletes really are here to support everyone who wants to join! And if you

are not into it for the first while – give it a fair shot, if I hadn’t stuck it out, I wouldn’t be as proud of

myself in my day to day activities as I sometimes feel!

How has BBC changed my level of fitness and life style?

I definitely feel much stronger in all areas of my life, playing with my kids, doing the yard work,

working out, etc.

Least favorite movement?

My least favorite movements would be anything with really heavy weights that have to go over my

head. I struggle doing those and I think that’s probably why I don’t enjoy them.

My profession? How has BBC improved your ability to do your job?

I have more energy during the day with the kids, and can do about anything they want me to do with


Fun Fact?

I really really enjoy scrapbooking, but haven’t been able to do that in while. Someday soon I hope to

get started on getting caught up! I also enjoy hunting with Ethan and have gone with him almost

every year that we have been together!

Monday, May 09, 2016

Becca 7:58pm

Becca 7:59pm
Tell us a little about yourself and life before Bixler Boot Camp.
I grew up in Larchwood and now live on a farm just outside of Steen, MN. I have been married to Josh for 11 years, and we have 3 children, Paige (10), Earl (8) and Miller (2). I am a Graphic Designer in Inwood at Farm Country Trader/Car Truck Trader. I have always been active, I like to workout, but always lost motivation quickly. I have never stuck with any program longer than 3 months at a time. I finally found something that keeps me motivated and that I want to stick with.

First WOD and when did you start BBC.
I started BBC November 14, 2014. All I remember about that workout was Burpees and praying I didn’t throw up in front of these people I barely knew. I left there knowing that is exactly what I needed! I loved it.

My thoughts during the first month of training?
I’m not a morning person, AT ALL! So that was hard for me to wake up at 4:45 am, 3 days a week. And I was SORE all the time. But I loved the atmosphere of the classes and I was starting to get to know people there and I loved how much better I felt throughout the day on the days I worked out. So I kept going.

My biggest accomplishment so far?
My biggest accomplishment has been the strength that I have gained. I have increased so many personal records along the way. My favorite one is finally Bench Pressing over 100#

Favorite WOD?
I like the Hero workouts, they are challenging and you have to mentally commit to get thru them.

Short and long term Goals?
My Short Term goal is to complete a Tough Mudder this July, I’m so excited and scared at the same time! Head Down, Keep Moving. Long Term Goal is to reach my goal weight and maintain it thru 2016 so I don’t have a 2017 New Years resolution to loose weight. I have had that resolution every year for about 15 years now, I think it is time to find a new one!!

Advice for someone just starting out?
No one is judging you. Don’t compare yourself to others. We all started as beginners, We all are sore, there are some workouts we all still hate, but we all have seen the benefits BBC has had in our lives you will LOVE how you feel when you are done! And if you are consistent, you WILL see changes in your body and attitude and lifestyle and relationships and energy and strength and every part of your life! Make friends with your fellow athletes, We are all in this together and we all want you to succeed!

How has BBC changed my level of fitness and life style?
I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I have them most endurance and strength I have ever had. I feel more confident in myself and what I am able to achieve in every aspect of my life. Challenges in life don’t intimidate me as much any more. It has given me the confidence to tackle them head on.

Least favorite movement?
I’m not a fan of Pull ups or Wall Balls

Favorite movement?
Handstand Pushups and Lunges

My profession? How has BBC improved your ability to do your job?
I have more energy and confidence to tackle anything. I have a desk job so it is easy to get groggy and lazy as the day goes on. Getting up early and working out gives me energy throughout the day. I’m more focused and eager to tackle my job.

Fun Fact?
I love to camp, have friends and family over to my house, go 4-Wheeling and Hot Weather.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Becca 1:06pm
Tell us a little about yourself and life before Boot Camp.
Heidi Kock and I have been born, raised, and corn fed my whole life. Married to my husband for 10 years and had 5 children in 6 years: Landan-9, Eva-8, Paytan-6, Ella-4 and Marcus-3. I also was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with all if the pregnancies. My body was non-repairable!!! Or so I thought. Food was good and it became a lot of what I thought about. I blamed it on my kids because they were always needing meals and snacksbut found myself eating something completely different than what I made for them. Sweets and sugar!!! But I also knew that if I kept that lifestyle up I would be headed into long term diabetes at 185 pounds, 29 years old and a family history of heart disease and diabetes Becca found me!!

First WOD and when did you start BBC.
My first workout was unforgettable November 17, 2014 All I remember is the word burpees and I had no clue what those were but I found out fast and 15 min felt like 1 hour. I also remember everyone else looked like they were thinking the same thing.

My thoughts during the first month of training?
If I had not paid for the unlimited membership I would have quit a week into it My muscles hurt, it took a lot out of me, I didn't want to get out of bed at 5:00 and I didn't know anyone at Boot Camp. But I kept going and the soreness went away and I started realizing that I was having more energy. I also made friends with the other athletes and we started keeping each other accountable. It becomes so much more about the gym family and less about why you started! Some people try to change so much at once but I just started with more activity in my life and the food stuff came as I went along. It was an easy transition for me.

My biggest accomplishment so far?
WOW! Self Confidence! There are so many things Becca talked about, I thought I will never but I will try I always took the easy way at the beginning so I didn't disappoint myself and make myself look like a fool. But Becca pushed me and I can't thank her enough!! Coming to BBC weighting 30 pounds more than now. And I did my first pull up a month ago. Two things I never dreamed of!

Favorite WOD?
I like the saying... I don't like push-ups I don't like burpees. I don't like power cleans I don't like box jumpsI don't like anything.but I LOVE CrossFit!! So really in a weird way I love them all!!!

Short and long term Goals?
Short term there is always room for improvement... Right now a couple of us are training for the Tough Mudder this summer. 18% body fat never hurt anyone either ;) Long term... I want to encourage more people to step out of their comfort zones and go for it! Try something new and you might surprise yourself.

Advice for someone just starting out?
We all have to begin somewhereand we all were beginners too. Don't compare. If God wanted us all to be the same, He would have created us the same. Don't put yourself down, you made it to the gym, now do your' best? Don't give up, if I can do this anyone can!!

How has BBC changed my level of fitness and life style?
Before it was always excuses I would do the 2-3 month classes and never start up another session. Always thought lifting was for certain types of people. But now just having the strength to wrestle with my 9 year old or chase after the kids in tag. Or having the strength to throw my 3 year old in the air. I feel STRONG. The best part is my kids see that! Even the way we eat we changed a lot but my family didn't even bat an eye. They love VEGGIES!!! (And meat)

Least favorite movement? Turkish get ups and toes to bar!!!

Favorite movement? Anything with a weight on it!! Make it heavy!!! Oh and Running! I'm not fast and never ran more than a mile when I started but it grew on me!

My profession? How has Boot Camp improved your ability to do your job?
I am a Stay at Home mom. I also have a home-based business with Life Vantage and last October I became a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and now coach with Becca!

Fun Fact? I love snow, chocolate, coffee, the color green, sunrises, dark beer, bow hunting, and I have never broken a bone.

Becca 9:55pm

Becca 9:56pm

Becca 9:57pm
The top picture is Heidi from Feb 2016- over a year of Bixler Boot Camp and healthy living! The bottom picture is Heidi before Boot Camp-- so proud of Coach Heidi!

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